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NGA Newswire is a Hyper-Local news source primarily covering news and events concerning rural residents of Northeast Georgia.

We're a blue dot in a red (sometimes purple, now) sea.

We also cover State, National and International News that has an impact on, or interests, our readers.

Technology allows us to exercise our digital brains but we truly have ink in our veins!

Injured woman on the run after tossing drugs at Ga. prison, hitting officer with car, sheriff says.

Man sentenced for charging at deputies with tree branch off I-985.

20years, first five in prison. LOAO at this moron.

A woman claimed she escaped from kidnappers. Gainesville Police say she made it all up.

Mother charged with 1-year-old’s murder after leaving out cocaine, fentanyl, Hall deputies say.

Suspect remains at large after alleged drug drop, crash at Lee Arrendale State Prison.

Atlanta man accused of kidnapping 2 children arrested by GSP troopers on GA-SC state line.

Georgia pastor and car dealer accused of stealing identities, defrauding customers.

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