To be clear, before I leave, the image J is painting of me is not an accurate one. Read my toots and replies, you'll see my full statement, my explanation, and notice that he grossly misinterpreted my intentions.

Bye all. Look me up on Twitter if you ever want to chat.

Anyway, I said I'm out, so I'm out. See you all somewhere else on this infinite net

Anyone know of a cheaper citalopram alternative?

Just realized there is now a separate column for DM's... been waiting for that since I first made my account. Thanks J

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Check out the new Sum 41 pre-release. It's a little different than their original content, but absolutely incredible.

I really hate being autistic sometimes

Say for example I had a second account on here, but couldn't remember the email... is there a way to recover that? @th3j35t3r

Anyone here part of the iOS jailbreaking community?

Hey folks, my blog went down (couldnt afford the hosting costs) but as soon as I get paid I'll be putting up the new one I've been working on. What I would like to do though, is interview one or two of you guys, my family, and write posts about our conversations. How would you all feel about that?

My gf is absolutely fucking amazing. Just thought y'all should know

Everyone download the 711 app immediately. Free shit is great

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I am thinking a watermelon today would be awesome!

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Random thought...

Where did all those old free AOL disks end up?

At its peak, there had to be 5 discs for every person on earth.

Going to sleep and waking up is basically the human equivalent of turning off and on again

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