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🎸 If you'd like to support what I do, AND help CoSo, too, you can! My Linktree below will let you find:

1. My Bandcamp site for tunes
2. My merch site for blues-themed trinkets
3. My YouTube channel if you just want to see what's what.

50% of proceeds go to CoSo.

Thank you!

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In addition to the blues stuff that I love, I also am part of Threefold Maze, a progressive metal/power metal band influenced by Queensrÿche, RUSH, Dream Theater, and others.

Head banging this way ⬇️

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With all the new folk joining, it's time to do a

😁 Mike
🇺🇸 Texas
⏰ Born 1967 Shit I'm old
👫 Married, 3 grown kids, 4 grandkids. Pop Pop.
🎸Guitar player, blues and metal, music is life
🐈 Had a cat. She died. Loved her.
🌈 Straight, but hey, love the one you're with, fine by me
🙏Atheist. Believe what you want, just don't wipe it on me
👍Politically: Moderate Democrat
🤓 Geek: I want the Jetson's world

Goodnight friends 🌒

Clouds=no eclipse for me but thanks for all the pics

Odd question, but what is the hot set up nowadays for genealogy documentation? My mom had a program on her PC but that was more than 20 years ago.

I would like to organize what have, and what I know, into something that would be useful for future fam.

In the spirit of always learning, I decided to take a Matt Schofield blues course on Truefire.

The first exercise involves soloing over a track, but only using three notes. Perfect for working on bends, as @stueytheround wants me to do!

Here it 'tis. Sorry for the odd focus, I'm still getting used to the new camera.

I’ve been lucky to travel the world, mostly for work but always finding some fun. It helped me to see that we are more alike than we aren’t. In every bar, pub, hotel lounge, airport club, or terminal I would visit, one thing was common.

Football (soccer).

Becoming a fan and supporter all those years ago makes me feel like a citizen of the world. And I like that.

Good morning CoSo. Let’s stop in here for a coffee and talk about the week ahead. ☕️

Good morning CoSo. Looks like a good spot to stop for a coffee. Let’s grab a seat and enjoy a little Saturday morning. ☕️🌞

We have some very talented musicians in this community. Many have shared their talents here and we especially love to support them with their bandcamp endeavors.

Check out hashtags and to find your favorites

I know folks like to love on "YYZ" as the quintessential RUSH instrumental, but I gotta tell ya, there's a whole lot to be said for "La Villa Strangiato" and this live performance will give you a good idea why.

Last week, I posted a vid of a bunch of kids covering Tool, and here's some of the same bunch covering Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under."

Pretty inspiring, tbh.

Saw a comment about "you can't be all my body/my choice unless you're also that way about the vaccine" and I thought to myself, "yeah, but letting women have control of their reproductive health isn't going to make grandma or grandpa pregnant, so your argument is invalid."

However, they won't get it.


Good morning, CoSo. We have made it to Friday! Let's gather up here for a coffee or two and set about the weekend plans. ☕

Happy little trees. Cartooned with Lensa.

📸: My dad. I found the last 36 pictures he took in an SD card in his 35mm Nikon.

Folks….trust me. Follow @MovieNights now. Not only will you receive first hand updates on the Friday night tradition here, but some awesomeness is going down for supporting COSO. Don’t miss it. Follow and watch the timeline. 💜

What do you mean you're not following @MovieNights? Not only will you get to participate in the polls to choose which movie to watch in a Friday night, but in the meantime they're really knowledgeable about films and great to just chew the fat with, talking about your favourite movies.

Even though I've been playing guitar for a loooooong time, I just started focusing and learning blues a couple of years ago in earnest.

I've got a lot to learn, still, and I know it, but if any of you fellow players want to throw me some feedback, I'd happily take it.

Here's an example. Just soloing over a track.

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