@corlin Uh oh.. the physicists are on to me... --Meuon. ;)

More "interesting times" this week. Trying to be positive, but keeping a wary eye on my temporary neighbor (am travelling) that's flying the US Flag upside down.

@WuzzaDiva Santa is a social construct, transcending race. The Real Black Santa is AWESEOME!

So I did a day of normal phone tech support so others could have off. 23/24 calls were pretty easy and everyone was happy. The last one made my head hurt. Time for eggnog. Spiked. May ya'll have a Christmas Eve with people that love you back, in person or online. The Princess and I send [ h u g s ].

Rewatched Johnny Mnemonic last night, realized it was set in 2021, just a few days away. In some ways, it is strangely on target.

@Coppertop You can talk here, but not on fetlife? It's been a while since in the scene, but most are good people, just like you. With a kink or three. Talk to them.

Geeking out. How the world gets hacked, Chapter 1: A Chinese hardware vendor just sent links to new firmware... via Mega.nz. First I gotta make sure it matches what they meant to send (Mega is famous for adding a few bits..) and then I have to see what stupid or malicious things were done in transit and possibly from the source. Maybe I'll just figure out what special sauce is in their file I need, and build from trusted sources. And then still sniff and be paranoid.

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Why do people need a messiah that they don't follow in order to have moral guidance that they rarely partake in?

I think this is a very valid question.

@edrosen Mickey Santa now stays inflated because one of the kids (5?) on the street wanted to know if Mickey was ok when he wasn't there when they came home late one night.

@Static_king Because once upon a time, Star Trek was a glimpse into a near utopian future where ideals mattered. We need better future fiction, we are stuck in a rut.

Good read of the morning. You are going to hear me use the term "Flying Monkeys" in the future. It's a "Pop Psy" term for people that believe a narcissist's persona and act on behalf of the psychopath. Possibly weak science, but it fits so well and the imagery is hilarious. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_m

In the land of voter suppression (Georgia USA) it's still a close race. I like that this shows several polls/pollsters projects.fivethirtyeight.com/p

@0x56 @CorreroM What? You think my kids can't palm/swap phones and hand them the burner? They smart kids. ... (laughing..)

@0x56 @CorreroM If my kids were school age and I was without a choice, I'd give them a burner phone just for this, seeded/planted with all kinds of crazy stuff just to watch them go nuts when they snarfed it. Including at least 1 rick-roll video.

@Dobo @lifeinatrashcan We bow before your search skills and pray that you will be kind and share them again in the future.

@CorreroM The only problem was his guilty pleasure reaction. Otherwise, she's just another person on the internet and apparently a highly skilled professional. At least he's got taste. As long as it's cool between him and his wife Tara...

@ChargedParticle A mean streak in me agrees. The realist in me wants them vaccinated in the hope they don't cause someone else to get sick. We have to think about the greater social good. Now.. that doesn't mean it couldn't hurt a bit more when they get stuck with a MAGA hat on.

Parting thought: Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time. - Good night ya'll.

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