Hello World. Mostly just poking around. Not sure many I actually know are hanging here. Wondering where this place fits in my constantly recovering paranoia. And of course, just because you are paranoid, does not mean they aren't actually out to screw you to the wall.

@meuon Welcome to CoSo. Hope this place lives up to expectation. A lot of people love it here.

( . .)☆´˚º☆
( づ♡ ☆•
˚  ★ … +。
Welcome :-)

@meuon No bots, trolls, trackers, algos, or influence campaigns.... you're safe here.

Welcome to CoSo. 👋

You're gonna find a lot of Linux geeks here, Plus a few old graybeard Unix guys and dolls (like me).

Poke around, have some fun, nobody bites.

Welcome to COSO 💜 You are safe here. If at any time it doesn’t feel that way, you let us know. This community looks after its own to be sure user experiences are best for them.

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