Morning Coso! Wishing everyone a fantastic day!☕ 🌺 ☀️

I wish Coso had previews. Anyway, want to know where your local protest is this Saturday?

Click Here:

I'm thinking about everyone who is missing their mom today. I understand your pain 💕 My mom died when I was 11...she was the strongest woman I've ever known. I learned a lot from watching her endure the pain of cancer. I'll never forget how her positive attitude made her beautiful soul shine through her crystal blue eyes. My mom taught me how to be strong in adversity and the power of positivity.

If you're missing your mom today, please know that many of us understand exactly how you feel. 💕

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Moms! ❤️ 🌺 💐

Good Morning CoSo. Wishing all a wonderful day☀️ 🌺

Louisiana is voting on a bill to criminalize IUDs, and plans on charging women with murder for using them.

This Ravena Satchel was super popular, too. (Another one of my designs.)

The detail work is needle felted in after the knitted bag is felted in the washing machine.


Republicans have taken away your right to choose. Now take away their right to govern.

I'm hoping this is the trigger for massive Democratic turnout in midterm elections.

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