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Hulk has a new challenge for youse
take a piece of nature as your muse
write out a poem, any format you choose
help the love of nature to suffuse


it took me a while to get this together

now i have gathered my thoughts

i would like to say SpaceSloth i like you a lot

the stuff you post i find interesting, even though in real life you've been through a lot, you have shared part of your story, you will know the past doesn't define you, it's NOT what you have done but what you do now that counts

i am thankful you are here and i have gotten to know you a little πŸ˜‰ ❀️


A special thank you to @apsuche and @lyrical_hulk for their efforts to promote goodwill and gratitude today.

Valentines and rhymes
what better way to show
how friends can come together
and help each other grow

Thank you for the



I know we are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but we still both love America and all she stands for. Thank you for bringing your viewpoints here. Despite the "lively" discussions that ensue.

Hulk now goes to romance the Mrs.
and give her many, many kisses
but tomorrow, Hulk will continue
the toots he views


All y'all. Cuz you're not a bunch of jerks with superiority complexes. Or at least, you haven't been to me.

@Minholkin - Min, you are always so positive and compassionate and thoughtful, even when you're hurting. Thank you for modeling this and being here so you can rub off on the rest of us. I know you've impacted this Naut quite a bit. πŸ€—

@corlin - Thank you for always being willing to answer questions, and providing a calm and contemplative perspective.

I have lots of bad days
So I turn here
For joy and laughter, sympathy and cheer
Words can't express how I am grateful
That we πŸ’œπŸ’œ each other so well
And are never hateful
That we are smart and interesting
I always learn something new
That we are creative and musical
I ❀️❀️ all of you.

@coldclearsea: the great kind of strange
has random knowledge, which he does exchange
a great engineer, kind to every living thing
has a huge heart. and exists in freezing

@MountainMan, of fame
a friend to all, this he can claim
encourages everyone to be kind
and helps those in a bind
is funny as hell
and all around swell

what can I say about @phase?
there cannot be enough praise
whatever she wants to do
she'll see it all the way through
be it music, art, or carpentry
she does it earnestly

one for @Kilikaz3n
who is never brazen
her words carry weight
and we all anticipate
just by being around
goodness does compound
but what gets this 'naut
is her mastery of dots

@evamarie , I always feel happy when seeing you here
your positivity is like a welcoming flower patch
a delight for the eyes and a hug for the heart...❣️

For @th3j35t3r and everyone

There are six billion people in the world, both ordinary and smart but there is no one quite like you. I appreciate your humor and heart, hard work and patriotism.

Most of all I thank you for creating this space full of so many extraordinary people.

Happy Valentines to you and Happy Valentine’s to all of the CoSonauts here!

My admiration for you all grows daily and keeps me coming back.


It's hard to put to words
How much you mean to me
All of you lovely souls
--My CoSo Family

So many unique talents
Abundant gifts you share
Make CoSo truly special
A place beyond compare

No matter how you show up
Lurking, quiet, vocal here
You are treasured and important
Please don't doubt that you are dear

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