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when you hold up your lantern
you may still see nothing but dark

but the light you're holding,
for another, may be a landmark

Glad to see you toot
Because I give a hoot
Don't get swept away
We need our hero today
Sending you healing sun
Hope the rain is soon done

the current
runs faster and faster
the rain
drives harder and harder

but Hulk
is already soaked
so Hulk
doesn't notice

dry off
step out of the stream
dry off
come out of the torrent

before you
get swept away
and you
can't remember dry is normal

Banner said "play nice"
it's good advice
but you need to start
'fore you tear your foe apart
'cause if you don't play by rules
why would others use your tools?

We danced under the stars
Our footprints in the sand
The tide was rolling out
As we stepped hand in hand
We danced across the sea
As the moon danced on before
Until the tide flowed in
And brought us back to shore

bunnies! cute!
bunnies! ate my roses.
and 3 leaves on the sprouting avocado plant
Now in bunnyโ€™s tummies.

bunnies. gr.

They said: Bring Out Yer Shoop.

People did. They rollicked, romped, frolicked.

Weirdness and joy, silliness and fun.

form becomes 6 word poem.

Hello, World! Bring Out Yer Shoop!


for some folks, I'm too serious
for others, too inane
my message of encouragement
is too often the same

i should talk more of politics
and clearly take a side
i spend too much time talking
of where hope and love reside

i try to share the wisdom
from my rendezvous with pain
you are welcome not to listen
if you've nothing more to gain

but maybe take a moment
and honestly ask why
the good faith of another
is something you would deny


to talk and disagree
it's now a sin
don't buy into hyperbole
debate's the lynchpin
of a functional society

ideas can just appear
from thin air
if you converse sincere
and not just glare

you may not be right
and neither is he
but to yell and fight
the new reality

the left foot does walk
without the right
to shut down talk
is not erudite

as Hulk's home burns
there are concerns

little can be done
except move and run

too late to prevent
the common lament

but before the next time
"too expensive a paradigm"

you might think him tilt
'cause for it, he's not built
but it would save on slacks
and what Hulk has to pack
if Banner wore a kilt

a day to remember
that day in September

a day put aside to grieve
an event we couldn't conceive

a day to stand tall
we weathered the squall

a day to pray
for those who still lay

that day in September
a day to remember

there is a monster inside you
as you cowered and feared, it grew
the pain that made it made you
use it to make your strong, make you true

he's a villain
he doesn't go far enough

he's a villain
he doesn't wish his enemies dead

he's a villain
he doesn't want the extreme

he's a villain
he thinks people can change

he's a villain
he thinks he may be wrong

he's a villain
he knows there's evil on "his side"

he's a villain
he doesn't think in extremes

he's a villain
he thinks about future, past and present realities

he's a villain
he thinks compromise is possible

he's a villain
he doesn't shout

Hulk's a villain

"The pen is mightier than the sword"
and people take that to word
they use the pen to attack
but find a sword in their back

Hey you
Know your blue
Youโ€™re definitely not alone

We must though
Find that place
Where birds sing their songs


so very tired
these times so mired
suffering: our glue
blue: the only hue
hope: closing eyes
sleep: our only prize

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