Never let those who voted for Trump forget that THEY knew that all of this--the xenophobia, the corruption, the fraudulent tax schemes, the lack of knowledge of how basic economics work--was going to happen...and that millions of innocent people would suffer.

Never let them forget that they knew immigrants were going to suffer...and yet they voted for him because he was going to make them feel superior and they thought they could turn their heads away while the dehumanization took place.

@knort and those who didn't vote or split the Democratic vote or voted 3rd party?

This is a pretty depressing non speaking future you advocate. This could serve Putin and others very well indeed even if no hot Civil War.

I would suggest just getting the politicians & lobbyists voted out by everyone else united against them and their policies. Welcome their recovery.


@knort 2/2

Fuck Putin and those who abused their offices. We have too much work to fuck eeryone including ourselves, for pride or points.

Climate change. Global refugees. Economic troubles. The Family which wants a Christian monarchy/theocracy with womem as chattel. The plutocrats who seem to want a Big Brother 1984 system.


Don't hold it over their heads forever, just until they learned their lesson and won't ever repeat it.

Those that never learn will then deservedly have it held over them in perpetuity.

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