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Speaking of attribution, my profile photo was created for me by Nina Lanfer. You can find her work and possibly get something commissioned by her over here:

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Good evening CoSo, warms my heart to see you tonight. ⌨️

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Greetings to all zero of you following me haha. I'm a former videogame reviewer that works in both the IT and gaming industry. I talk a lot about politics, my hobbies, my jobs and how capitalism sucks. Feel free to follow. Might post photos of pets.

I really don't care if I sound extremist on this issue anymore. Every day we keep having a mass shooting is another day of lost lives.

Here's an absolutely crazy thought:


I'm so beyond giving a shit about hunters' rights at this point, I really just can't. Fuck being able to hunt. There's fishing and 1,000+ other activities you can do with your goddamn time. Fuck guns. Fuck em. I hate that we have mass shootings every goddamn day. Your right to guns doesn't override human life full. Fucking. Stop.

Well, I'm cancelling my Google Drive subscription now over this news. When I want my files backup, I want them backed up to the cloud as well as local files so I can back them up to my own harddrives. Google decided "nah, you aren't allowed to do that with photos and videos". So I guess I decided I didn't want their service anymore.

Until the words: "We are Impeaching Donald Trump" are coming out of any Democrat lips that can impeach him, I do not give a single fuck "what happened" today. All the goddamn words in the world mean absolutely nothing without actual action.

omfg Mueller told everyone that Trump asked his staff to falsify reports. FUCKING IMPEACH HIM, WE IMPEACHED PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS FOR LESS YOU GODDAMN COWARDS.

Look, either gambling is gambling or gambling is goddamn gambling and should be regulated as such. None of this "ITS ONLY COSMETICS" bullshit.

Actual gambling with real money without any money rewards is now a feature in GTAV.

You might as well go to a goddamn casino at this point seriously somebody shut this shit down.

Impression of the Cats movie trailer running around right now:
Well, it can't be any fucking worse than Catwoman the Movie.
Now there's a trainwreck that somehow got put in movie theaters.

Mostly its scary because the Supreme Court is now ruled over by Christian zealots who will always side on their religion and not the actual documents this country is based on. The Constitution.

Project Blitz is a religious-funded campaign aimed at overwhelming the courts (and those fighting for a secular country) to pass Christian-centric laws through any means necessary. It's one of the scariest campaigns I'm currently aware of and Aron Ra does a really good job explaining it.

Here I am. Drinking coffee.

And wondering why the goddamn fuck we aren't impeaching Trump.

So at this point, I'm going 100% DRM-Free on eBooks. With the recent closing of Microsoft's book store, Barnes and Noble being on shaky ground and Amazon trying to absolutely dominate the industry, I'd rather have the ability to read the books however I want. Also saved my way.

*Internal screaming*......idk...I'm....I....I have a hard time trusting this won't just be Discovery except making Star Trek TNG worse rather than Star Trek TOS. While I'm excited to see Captain Picard back because man, man do we need him....I have grave fears this is going to be yet another bastardized JJ Abrams series. Because "sex" sells.

Don't forget all that Amazon workers are striking. Hit Amazon where it hurts and don't use ANY of their services to make purchases tomorrow/next day.

Google Rant about Services Cancelled Show more

Google Rant about Services Cancelled Show more

Yea, ok, no, any guy that is like this is already compromised. He has already done something worth suspicion and the fact that we're not looking closer is a damn shame. If you can't trust yourself to be alone with women, children or...idk...the nuclear codes to the US, you're not worth trusting with anything at all. It should not require another man to act as a counterbalance to whatever the fuck you want to do.

Not that I'm looking to buy a Nintendo Switch right now but looking at the "light" version of it, I can't help but think you're losing a ton of features and the whole point of the Switch for a slightly smaller and slightly better battery handheld. Not really sure why anyone would get excited about it.

When I think of excellent opening game themes for games that sell you on the atmosphere and mood of the game, few are as excellent as Bad Man is for Rebel Galaxy.

5. Blues Saraceno - Bad Man

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