Good morning.
Setting the espresso maker to stun. Starting another day of wearing masks and despising Trump.

NEW QUINNIPIAC National Poll. Biden leads Trump by 15% (52-37%). Same poll in June had Biden at +8. Trump's job approval is down to 36% approve, 60% disapprove.

Good night, CoSo!
110 days, 2 hours and 43 minutes until the election. But who’s counting?
All of us I hope.

Trump wasn’t hacked. Can you imagine the stupid passwords that buffoon must use.


Good night to escape the shit show that is Twitter and join CoSo.

Meanwhile over on Twitter:



Joe Biden, billionaires & corp accounts targeted in Twitter bitcoin hack

Clint Watts noted, If U.S. adversaries gained similar control of politician’s accounts during Election Day, they could wreak havoc by spreading misinfo abt polling locations or phony rumors about voter fraud

RU’s most dangerous play is how do you inflict the maximum amount of chaos on Election Day. They want to further erode confidence in Democracy & this is emblematic of a way they can do that

When they came for the blue checks I said nothing because I wasn't verified😂

Walmart today: still people without masks, but they added a kid in a security guard uniform. He and the elderly greeter are going to be front lines for enforcing the mandatory mask rule. This is going to devolve into a social media shitshow fast.

Every time I see a push notification with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name, not matter what the reason, I almost pass out.

Clown, useful idiot, or compromised Russian asset? NATO allies are now limiting their intel sharing after Russia used Trump's intelligence to try to assassinate Chechen dissidents in Europe, sources say

Walmart will start requiring customers in US stores to wear masks. Awaiting the outcry from people who who claim their freedom is being violated while looking for shit made my people who's freedom is being violated.

Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo holding a can of Goya. Someone fixed it. As a senior WH advisor, her hawking products is an ethics violation. How ALL of these people can be so out of touch on a daily basis is astounding. Remember Remember the THIRD of November.

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