Happy 🍟day CoSo! Very much looking forward to the 3-day weekend 🛏️

Gotta hurry up and finish my grocery delivery order. The kitties ran out of treats last night, and it's getting pretty Children of the Corni-ish around here.

About to turn in for the night, do a little reading, tell Balerion that the Meticulous Manicurist has a new YT video out (she loves her). Dunno what tomorrow may bring, but tonight

I don't know why I waited until today to follow Chuck Tingle's Twitter but (butt?) I was not disappointed

Hey look, don't worry about 45's Easter speech tonight. As a great man once said,

"You can't change a playa's game in the 9th inning"

On the other hand, 45 being gone from Twitter means we can't respond 🍑 🍑 to his rage tweets

Maybe it's just me, but thinking about how slow House Democrats are moving makes me feel like maybe they've never seen this episode

It is crazy out there.
No you are not imagining it.
A reminder that we at CoSo care.

A modest proposal:

Let us start a new hashtag,

Let this be a place where anyone can ask for help.
Without judgement, or shame.

A place where anyone can offer help, or experience, with compassion.

Let this be a place free of blame, fear, or feeling less-than.

Let this be a place where we offer our knowledge, know-how, and wisdom.

If you need, ask here.
If you have, please share it freely.

Got a new eyeshadow palette coming today, gonna do my face and nails, just because 💄 💅

Good morning CoSo! Oatmeal and turkey bacon and no Donald Trump tweets for breakfast!

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