P.S. Don't drive drunk, people. This video is funny but don't do what she did! Ever. The end.

HAH! Look at this -- there was a big to-do about roundabouts a while back, and now here's this drunk lady struggling with them too! πŸ˜‚

Looks like no one was hurt but that car went flying:

Good morning CoSo! Happy valentine's day.

My house is being invaded by ladybugs! For real! There are maybe a hundred of them. I heard in some cultures ladybugs are good luck, hopefully that's true. I need to find a humane way to remove them.

That's what's happening around here, hope things are good for you.

Off topic rambling. This morning, I'm wondering why religions (several of them) hate women so much. The pope won't allow married priests, or women to be deacons. It seems in his religion, women, even as wives, can't be close to God. Wives must make priests less pure. WHY? What ever started all this? It makes no sense. It's not like we're going anywhere. We've always been around, since forever, but here we are in a society that basically hates us. I wonder if cavemen hated women too.

Happy Birthday to @Stonekettle! Hope you had a great day and got to relax.

Also, has anyone been getting anonymous texts? Political or fear mongering in nature? Apparently that's a new political tactic. Good to be aware of it. I haven't, but I'm going to ask around and let people know.

This is a long article. Still processing, But damn.


Key points:
- It said the Trump campaign is spending over $1 billion now. Wow. Over a billion? From where?

- Twitter felt reeeally creepy to me, but this said at one point 20% of tweets were bots. 20%?

- There's a brief mention of right wingers wanting a "Dry Alabama". That's one way a evangelical would lose his seat. πŸ˜‚

Anyway. Happy Friday!

It seems like people have been dehumanizing others for literally thousands of years. And that's why we are where we are today. All my life, things like racism have really bothered me, and I thought it was just a matter of fighting against beliefs held by my parents and grandparents, and trying to be kind. But, when you zoom out, it seems dehumanizing others goes back so far and is just ingrained in society (I'm looking at YOU Aristotle! πŸ˜’ ) Maybe it's just a feature of humanity.

What did Nancy Pelosi just rip in half?

I cooked this for dinner last night, and it went over very well: foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-n
Sharing in case anyone else is looking for a tasty, healthy, and fast dinner idea.

Went to my first townhall for local state politics last night. Hardly anyone was there. There was this one representative there who voted in favor of the "heartbeat bill".

Someone asked him why he voted for that bill. Y'all!!! He flat out did not EVEN answer the question, but started rambling about something else entirely! I thought I had misheard him! It was bizarre, and smarmy AF. Gross.

Anyway, I met the lady who's running against him and am now supporting her.

@Klaatu_Veratta_Nectarine Yikes. That is not a man who is experiencing a moment of zen. I'd be ducking for cover if I was the person he's looking at.

Just went for my annual mammogram. In the waiting room, me and 6 or 7 other ladies were all sitting around with our bras off, in those little pink medical robes waiting our turns. I stroll in, grab some coffee and a pack of yummy Lorna Doone cookies, and prepare to politely ignore people, and play Clash of Clans while I wait. But no. A Jehova's. Fucking. Witness. sat down and talked to me about her religion for several minutes. In the mammography waiting room. WTF, have you ever. Happy 2020!

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I really shouldn't judge people on their physical appearance, but, if this person doesn't look like the sociopathic love child between Prince Charles and Legolas, I don't know what they look like. And of course she did exactly what the headline says she did:


I thought my kids were getting too old for the full Santa experience... but they both insisted on the whole shebang. Right down to leaving an apple for the reindeer. And they're *voluntarily* going to sleep. It's a Christmas miracle. Good night, merry everything!

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Good morning !

What if we are born preprogrammed to know everything in the universe, and the act of learning is actually just uncommenting that code?

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An Amber Alert was issued for two siblings last seen playing in their Jacksonville yard


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Morning CoSoNauts and Happy Weekend 😊

note to self: when you live in the South and a co-worker gives you moonshine for Christmas that his cousin, who lives in the mountains makes, believe the rumors and don’t β€œman it up” when drinking shots.. someone pass the Advil please β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ

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