I'm hosting a free, virtual cybersecurity conference on Sunday. If you want to learn about some infosec basics and also a bunch of practitioners' fun hobbies, tune in via - we have a slack, villages, CTF, and streams will be posted there.

Good to see you active here again. Sundays are hard for me (my one day mostly away from computers), but I'm going to try to be there for what I can - Sounds like it will be informative and fun.

Will the presentations be recorded and available for watching later?

It was curiosity, not another assignment on top of everything else. :)

@hacks4pancakes Last year was really fun, and yes I'll be the guy wearing the shirt of the con he's attending. 😆


I will definitely check it out if my cat will let me. That's not a joke, by the way, he's actually guarding my computer 😂


You had me at Hunting Malware and Making Pizza from scratch.

And I've been meaning to learn more about InfoSec to go along with my Physical Risk Management.


Thanks :-). My eldest daughter wasn’t really into it but this one started out with puzzles when she was two and has always been a digital kid 😄 and artist type. They’re both curious and like to figure things out but just in different ways.

This picture sums it up 😂😂 she was into games when still very small.

// @hacks4pancakes

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