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"Yes this is my house and you are extremely privileged to be using My House"
Phoebe on guitar case, Kitty Key, February 2020

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There is a lot of discussion about what is being termed "Cancel culture".
My thinking on the phenomenon: Cancel culture is an attempt to impose accountability on people currently perceived to be unaccountable via their employers, audience, or society in general.
It is a desperate attempt by ad hoc groups to impose accountability by other means.
It has elements of mob mentality, and is going to result in some people being unfairly attacked.

BTW, any politician that doesnt respond to questions from the League of Women Voters for their voter guide, i am very very unlikely to vote for.

LWV used to run the presidential debates before the two campaigns decided to forgoe their debate in favor of one more favorable to their lying and manipulation.

Oregon man driving stolen car crashes into woman driving another stolen car

Forced into bankruptcy for obvious reasons, Hertz has...wait for it, actually been trying to sell new equity in the corporation.
As this article explains, this is batshit silly, and proof that there is indeed one born every minute.

I see that legislators in San Fran are floating a bill to criminalize "discriminatory" 911 calls.
This is a great example of legislative ideas of the "we need a law against THAT" variety that are fundamentally mis-conceived.
There should already be laws against wasting the time of law enforcement. There certainly are in the UK.
Most of the issues we have are with weak enforcement of existing laws. If people file false police reports, then they need to be penalized for that.

The latest rhetorical sleight-of-hand by the UK government is to say that they want an "Australian" trade deal with the EU.
Here is an explanation from an actual, you know, expert as to why this is a pile of caca.

Consent Decree between NY and Deutsche Bank concerning Jeffrey Epstein.
Extensive redaction of names. Big Red Flag right there.
Extensive financial and legal chicanery.

@th3j35t3r Manipulating said data by bringing dozens of smart phones in a wagon into the said roads to trick the systems into thinking there is a traffic jam there due to the number of moblle phones in the road.

I want to reiterate that it's entirely possible to loathe every religion, but care about the people brainwashed into it.

In the meantime, we should all be pushing hard against exclusionary mindsets and pushing for inclusive societal behavior. If inclusive behavior dominates, then politics will swing behind it. As long as people can start making better voting decisions...(a whole other topic).
3/3 (yeah, this is the end. Honest).

As for the deep well of anti-semitism and racism across the USA, that has origins in the waves of settlement. I see the current upsurge as the last stand of the Nothern European buccaneer colonists. See the book American Nations for more insight. The heartland and West are dominated by the Anglo-Celtic colonist descendants, who are fans of nomadic conquest, not co-existence. The Jews are just another outsider group to be feared and despised.
2/3 (yeah, I ran on)

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