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"Yes this is my house and you are extremely privileged to be using My House"
Phoebe on guitar case, Kitty Key, February 2020

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Postscript to my comments about Brexit.
One aspect of my viewpoint on Brexit that will definitely get me into trouble is that I will be seeking to enforce accountability on people who supported Brexit.
Since June 2016, many Brexit supporters have been uttering phrases like "you lost. get over it" to Remain supporters, as if Brexit was simply a football game.
Yep, Remain lost. Brexit won. They own it. They will be accountable for the outcome. Good, bad, or ugly.

The more that past and recent comments by Michael Bloomberg are analyzed, the more we are going to find that Bloomberg, like a lot of wealthy people, lives in a bubble, where he is surrounded by largely subservient acolytes who blow smoke out of his ass and tell him how damn wonderful he is.
They are unlikely to have told him "Mike, that was a dickish statement you just made, because you know jackshit about life outside of your bubble. Sit down, stop prattling and start listening".

This video is revealing. Trump standing oddly, twitching and jerking at intervals, and Melania looking like she is terrified that he is going to suffer a mental or physical pratfall.

Alabama Democrat proposes bill mandating all men have vasectomy at age 50 or after third child

Cc: @MustangSally

on an intellectual level, Brexit is likely to be bad for the UK, and this will affect millions of people, quite badly.
This is not something I shrug about, and say "too bad". It could be a major human tragedy. It could also lead to local war and civil strife if things really spin out of control.
I do however have a good backstop in that I have dual citizenship.
I am in a relatively good place. I fear for many people in the UK, who are not.

one one level, the primitive emotional one, I no longer give a damn about what happens to the UK in the next few years.
I have investments that are diversified. If the UK crashes into penury, my investments will be worth a lot more in UK terms, and I could swoop on distressed assets.
On the other hand, I have family in the UK who will suffer badly if the economy crashes. (Not my mother and sister, they are retired. They supported Brexit, with no forward vision.)

This is satirical, but also speaks to a profound truth. Most of the opposition to universal healthcare comes from a position of either financial comfort and no need, or smug superiority.

Prediction: The UK fishing industry will decline, no matter whether there is a trade deal between the EU and the UK or not.
If there is no deal, the industry will collapse. 70% of the UK fishing industry catch is exported to the EU. If there is no deal, it will not be logistically and economically possible to export most of that catch to Europe. Or anywhere else for that matter.
The optimism about the UK fishing industry is based on a mind-blowing lack of understanding of reality.

One of the more teeth-grindingly frustrating phrases that I read and hear all of the time is...
"...Oh, I just don't know".
it is said in exasperation and impatience by people, usually when you make a point that takes them out beyond the boundaries of their knowledge on a subject. Usually politics or current affairs.
My reaction, usually not expressed outwardly, is...
"Then why don't you damn well find out?"

Every cabinet minister, flunky and spokesperson in the UK government seems to have been told to use the phrase "level up" in every other communication.
"Level up" is an example, like MAGA, of a phrase that on its own is meaningless, has little to no discernible connection to reality. It was deliberately chosen because it IS meaningless. It can be used to mean anything you want. It will be used like general-purpose pixie dust, dropped into speeches, soundbites and other verbal communications.

I think that a very good way to determine whether to spend your time talking to somebody about politics in the USA right now is to start the conversation by laying a fact on them.
Facts are not negotiable. They are what they are.
If the other person claims that the fact is "just an opinion", but cannot or will not explain the logic behind that response, I recommend that you either change the subject or walk away. They are signalling that the conversation will be a waste of time.

For some reason, many people seem to have forgotten the old saying that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. They proceed to post something on Nextdoor that says "hello, I am a neighbor of yours, and I am a dick".

The interesting factoid that I never knew about until I started reading tributes to Lyle this week -David Blamires is playing a Mellophonium on this tune, an uncommon brass instrument. Pat and Lyle both tried their hand at trumpet in their younger days, but the Mellophonium was never a popular instrument, mainly because it looked like a flugelhorn with a large bell, but playing it is apparently a lot more difficult than either trumpet or flugel due to intonation issues in the higher registers.

This is a live version of the Lyle Mays composition Episode D'Azur, from Japan on the We Live Here tour.
Episode D'Azur is heavily driven by sequenced keyboards playing the synth and legato lead lines, with Lyle providing the dynamic piano accompaniment.
On this tour, Lyle would start with a free-form piano improvisation, initially just on piano, then he activated his MIDI triggered synth rig (here at 2:12) before eventually leading into the tune proper.

The Coronavirus pandemic is the first of the Coming PLagues predicted by Laurie Garrett in her book of the same name.
While ratchet-jaw know-nothings dominate the airwaves, the smart predictions can be found if you care to go look.

The Brexit analyst author Edwin Hayward wrote this analysis about the sequencing and practical effects of leaving the EU. Most of this is still current.

Geez. The men have showed up to give us their manly views on polyamorous relationships.

Somebody posted this meme to Birdsite in a thread about how the UK is overmatched in negotiations with the EU.
This, folks, is the exemplification of the nativist UK attitude towards the rest of the world. Tell them to fuck off and expect them to crumble.
Sheesh. This is going to be fun to watch...from a distance.

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