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The only acceptable Master Race: PC Gamers

Good morning CoSo, may you find happiness in simple things 😊

Weird... Can't wait for new glasses to be ready...

Guys, Mars is right above, blessed clear night for telescope gazing

Kind of freaking out about the interview, but I have to focus on 2 things, what I can bring to the table, and that's experience and willingness to learn more to keep up

The SQL and python are strong, the SQL and python are with me.

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Forget all the features. The beauty of is agility. It takes ANY threat to the network or users incredibly seriously.

ANY threat as soon as it is identified as such is dealt with.


Ask any user.

(PS banned users don't count for obvious reasons.)

Thank goodness, social security delivered my meds in kind, got knocked out by neuropathy meds, and back on track with insulin, following days will suck while I get blood sugar levels back to normal

One less thing to worry about

Last time I got new glasses was 10 years ago, well shi**

Sat my wife to watch Overlord, glad to say her favorite character is Albedo

Getting new glasses, age rearing it's ugly bald head
Developing astigmatism on my right eye as well

Not to mention nasty headaches

Got a second interview on Thursday for data engineer Jr position, pumped up, my SQL game is strong, SQL is with me

probably one of my favorite ships the KMS Odin, complete with 19 point waifu captain

gonna loaf around the laptop, bringing out the speakers and metal, my girls and the cockatiels need music

I still think JS Bach would've made a most excellent metal head

*air guitars*

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