@WuzzaDiva Double Pandemic ... seems appropriate.

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@djmpb hey, at this point, fuckitall and bring it on?

I was a lab rat for the H7N9 vaccine back in the day, so I may dodge that one anyway.

@WuzzaDiva I actually had H1N1 in 2009, maybe that could make a comeback and give me a free pass?? haha

@djmpb Nice! take any advantages you can, biologically speaking...

I was a lab rat for that initial H1N1 vaccine too. Of course it had already raced though my kids' school system weeks earlier, but whatevs.

Looking back, it's adorable how we thought that was a serious threat at the time and had a full scale active national response.

Adorable 😍

😱 << me primal screaming into the void rn

@WuzzaDiva Yeah i know, right!

H1N1 raced through Sydney, fortunately is wasn't super serious. Mind you, I was sick, proper sick. All I could do was lay there and be sick, no TV, no music, nothing. Just in and out of fever dreams. Ahhhh, fun times!

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