Hello, hello is this thing on...

Whats the friggin market doing?

Dare to share if you got more than $40
I got $90 ... Not sure if that's good or bad ... 🤔 😜

Quick question

Whats the recommended browser on a PC for interacting with COSO?

My father-in-law who recently passed told me about his brother who has beachfront property in Malibu and was complaining about the taxes, he was trying to make a right wing point about high taxes.
I asked 'the brother who got an education on the GI bill' (yes) 'and then went to work for NASA' (yes) 'and has his entire life received a check in one form or another from Uncle Sugar' (yes) so I asked 'you dont think that kicking in is the least he could do?
His gift to me before he passed was Trump

Just installed and started folding anonymously. Should I join a team?

Texas is fudging Covid numbers every way they can. The crisis is much worse than the for-public-consumption data indicates.
Right wing politicians are lying and we may never know the true cost of this nightmare


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
- Voltaire

Even if passively

I havent really browsed enough at this site. Could someone point me to an explanation of P2P sharing here? Ive got a bunch of stuff that I wouldnt mind sharing

DHS is an occupying force.

Is there anybody out there tracking facial recognition of the traitors shooting fellow citizens so we can root them out when shitstain has left the White House?


Lets not pretend that the GOP hasnt been a festering cancer for decades now.
Im getting tired of the "Trump ruined the GOP" as if it occurred suddenly. I think these guys with their fingers in the air are just positioning for the inevitable downfall.

Trump is little different than Ronny Raygun


I find something interesting... I extol the virtues of this site across many platforms and sites and Ive yet to have anybody respond. You would think that occasionally someone would look/respond/argue, but no, total silence. I find it curious.
A better way met with complete silence. Maybe everybody are just sheep, or maybe everybody I "know" are bots

Am I understanding this correctly... We taxpayers paid the Catholic church over a billion dollars?
Where do these no tax paying sumbitches find the time to be so F'n evil?

One of the most interesting aspects of the drive was listening to the gradation of lunacy on the radio. In Arkansas the locals were talking about if you allow politicians to demand that you wear face masks you run the risk of forever losing your freedoms ( I guess it doesn't occur to them that in death you also lose your freedoms) to Tennessee where they encouraged social distancing with no reference to a face mask. NY obviously detailed all necessary precautions. Just unbelievable.

Just finished a 2650 mile drive between Texas and New York. Im getting old, took me 40 hours.
Can I say that the most dangerous drivers Ive ever encountered are in Nashville, I feel lucky to have survived driving around/through that town.

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