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Hello peeps, this is my . I'm a fantasy writer, role player, video gamer, gardener and paraeducator.

My series is of Skaythe an about pacifist mages resisting the rule of a cruel wizard king.

I love and can't wait for the next game.

I'm using the fooforah on Twitter to look for new opportunities. Gentle advice is welcome.

Movie day in the Resource Room. Pictures from all through the year. They all looked so small back then! End of the year us fun, but a little sad.

Heading home from the SF convention. Low key but a good time. Got a chance to talk to my little old dad as well. He didn't know who I was. Dementia...

Having a good weekend at MisCon SF convention. My reading was from The Grimhold Wolf (Gothic werewolf novel). I hadn't read it in a long time and damn it's good!

At MisCon, breakfast at a coffee bar. Friendly cat is circulating. Interesting to see how some people are welcoming and others not.

Rough start for MisCon. Got extremely lost and missed my first 2 panels. I feel so unreliable and I don't like it.

Also the food truck ran out of things. Walked to a deli instead. Tomorrow I vow to give great value in the writing workshop.

Packing up for the MisCon SF convention. Gonna be a fun weekend!

Working on my review for MisCon's writing workshop. The plot hangs together well, but it needs more sensory details and more emotion.

They've given me two hours, one-on-one, with this author. That's more than we usually do, and I'm a little uncertain what they intend. But, what the heck, I'll turn it into a character intensive and try to make it worth his while.

Putting your story in a workshop with someone you've never met can be scary. I always try to keep it positive.

We're supposed to drive to Montana next Friday and now I have no idea.

It would be great if we could deal with any one of these problems before anything else happens!

Things have been frustrating. The subaru is out of commission with a blown gasket and needs new a radiator.

Our oven is deciding whether to heat on a case by case basis.

We dropped an AC out the window.

While looking to replace the Subaru, we got a rock chip in the Prius windshield. Now the Prius also has a flat.

Our lilac bush is in bloom and it smells wonderful. Loving the longer days, too.

There was a robin singing his heart out in the elm tree across the alley yesterday. It was beautiful!

Heck of a day. My schedule is all over the place because of state testing, the teacher I report to went home sick, and the webinar I was in crashed my laptop.

I think I'll focus on my summer blog event tonight. I need to do something relaxing.

Started working on the introductory posts for my summer book event, Queen Titania's Court. There's still time for more to take part.

As a WEA/SEA member, I stand in solidarity with the WGA. Stay strong, union brothers and sisters!

Lovely bright sunset to the west, gray ominous curtain to the east. Think I'll stick a few seeds in before the storm hits. May be a little early for squash and beans, but they'll pop up when the time is right.

My job tonight: write a blog. What I'm writing, what comes next.

Thunder and lightning last night. Pretty cool!

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