who's has a panic attack about potentially losing their job just before a vacation cause it's happened before? This guy is.

I'm not sure why I have a cell phone.
A black brick of circuits, antennas, and a dying battery charged daily,
Three payments left, it's almost both entirely mine and replaced.
Eighty percent battery.
As a communication device it is rarely used.
An unsolicited text from a friend is a rare event,
Messages from family are few and far between.

Responses short, leaving textual crumbs, “u”, “o”, “k”, “lol”.
Whole emotions contained in vague icons are easily misinterpreted.
On the other end someone who has a life... of their own
And each social post is an advertisement of life in a rosey bubble.
A fathom ....buzzzz... taunts me.
Fifty percent battery.


It is the Alpha distraction ...three more payments.
Notifications from apps riding the Wi-Fi waves are constant.
Hints of hobbies and interests in the form of video suggestions
Twenty-five percent battery, where’s my charger?
Fast food / shopping apps ready to take my money

An opinion poll nets pennies
Ten percent battery.
An information age, bachelor version of, “How’s your day, dear?” invokes daily at exactly 8pm.
The Daily ‘happy’, ‘glad’, ‘sad’, ‘frowning face’ Question leaves me questioning,
“WTF happened to my life?”
Noisy echoes of previous internet searches adding to the noise.

Five percent battery.
Where IS my charger? It’s somewhere around here.
The screen flickers off
And you catch a glimpse your reflection

What has this added to your life, what has it subtracted?
...three more payments.
I'm not sure why I have a cell phone


okay i've been working on this for the past two weeks. Not sure about it, but here it is. Let me know if I should write another.

My experience playing "Fall Guys". Loading a game takes two minutes. Play game for one minute. Get eliminated. Repeat.

I regret that I have but one bi-weekly paycheck for my government to tax.

Cancelled vacation plan "A". Awaiting to see if plan "1" is a go. That's Wednesday for you.

My plans have been altered, pray i don't alter it any further.

I really miss Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show.

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