The shareholder meeting
shifts its scales,
coils around a glowing
mound of data,
growls through its lapel mic.
Its flat white wings stretch out
as projection screens.
Its teeth are myriad,
uniform, blunt
from chewing on trends.
Deep in its cavernous
belly of accounts
a vote is digested;
MORE is approved.

Scale flowing
over scale,
libra reptile
judging the stone
warm enough
with no arms
embraces itself,
embraces the sun,
embraces the cycle
of mouth and mouse,
of mate and molt,
of green eye
and dark earth.

Syntax processors sip this stack-top and pop your preference, shift your better bits, get those neural fish swimming over your grandfather's damns, bias graphs, sell sell sell clusters, okay means, full source cold, sowing anti-patterns, current-and-ex-ploits this isn't just this is just an opthalamusation problem generators melt your engines.

A dark drumroll rain, twenty minutes into April's last Saturday. A roar is muffled above the clouds where dreams are pushed by jets. Love breathes; there is no war in this little city. I will turn my thanks outward, bounce it off a satellite, shake atoms with words of peace.

C. Corbell

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