So last week I was at Restaurants Canada's in Toronto- for those who don't know, it's one of North America's biggest restaurant trade shows and conferences. Excellent sessions & met some fantastic people (and ate lots). Here's a link to my Twitter thread where I posted a bunch of food and other pics:

Was away for a good part of last week, so I’ve spent the past couple days getting caught up and cleaning up. My week’s baking is done: Smoked cheddar and jalapeño scones and banana bread with chocolate chips. Used coconut sugar in the loaf, which gave it a nutty brown colour. Num.

Heading out to a trade show tomorrow but I think someone was hoping to be a stowaway.

And with that, the last Christmas present of 2021 was delivered today.

Got the summer tires on. On the way to collecting my car, the shuttle driver and I had a great chat about The Guess Who. He was at *the* concert here in Kitchener where The Guess Who first sang American Woman. I'd never before met someone who'd been there.

It's rather disconcerting having a hungry ~10kg cat licking his lips and making hungry sounds from the back of your chair.

Yesterday, I said I'm a food writer -- I write the column for my regional lifestyle magazine. In my most recent column, I talked to Sandra Villarraga about community & she shared a recipe for Ajiaco, a Colombian chicken, corn and potato soup. Link here: edition.pagesuite-professional

Hello, CoSo! New here and figuring things out as I go (so apologies for any oopsies). I'm a communications strategist and a freelance food writer (restaurant writer, culinary historian, foodways, recipes), based in Ontario, Canada.

Jasmine Mangalaseril

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