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Hello! If you have any problems or questions, there are probably already answers in a consolidated help and tips doc, linked below, which lists all the basics of this site. If you need more help, check the hashtag.

Have fun and welcome to CoSo community!

I've been standing now so long I'm scared I've forgotten how to run. @frankturner

True story: In a taxi, on the way to see Avengers Endgame, I caught a shiny Diglett in Pokemon GO. When I left the movie, he was dead.

Good morning CoSo friends.

And again, @th3j35t3r , thanks for CoSo. We don't always know what we have until it's gone.

FYI, all: I do still have "Update CoSo Guide" in my todo list open on my computer. Luckily, I procrastinated long enough to have lots of other stuff to add to it!

I just finished grading midterms and have done a good portion of my bar exam studying, so I'm starting to not feel so overwhelmed.

I'm not sure if you already have this on a list or if it is peculiar to me, but I was just stuck in a refresh loop on the "In a few moments" page; when the loading hit 100%, the page would refresh. When I stopped the page loading I was able to continue through the tutorial normally and haven't experienced anything similar since then.

Shouldn't Be Surprised: MAGA 'people' are now saying Trump should protect Assange because he is going to testify against Mueller and bring down the Deep State that used Seth Rich's 'assassination' to start the investigation. As the adage says: 'the friend of Russia is my friend.'

- The average tax refund is down about 8% under the first full year of the overhauled tax code, according to IRS data

- Top US general says Trump did not consult him on decision for troop withdrawal in Syria prior to the President's announcement

The top 3,755 earners in the US (0.0012%, 1 in 86.7K people) think it is wrong to sacrifice 70% of their income ABOVE $10M to help 99.999%+ of Americans, 325.7M people. The estimated gain would be $15B, which could wipe out more than 1/3 of the taxes on the bottom 50%.

He night have gotten the date one month late, but Santa Mueller sure brought a wonderful gift.

In Miami for 1.5 days, then down to Key West for 3 days. Suggestions?

McConnell: I will gladly allow votes on a bill that has no chance of passing in the House of it's against abortion, but if the President doesn't approve of a bill that reopens government, we shouldn't even be allowed to vote.

RT @SenateCloakroom: Leader McConnell has filed cloture on the motion to proceed to S.109, a bill to prohibit taxpayer funded abortions

Another database leaking people's SMS text messages. You should start using app-based or hardware two-factor authentication, because text messages can be intercepted in real-time.

I disagree with Barr's memo and dislike how much he was kissing up to Trump, but his answers in the hearing were very good, in my opinion. Plus, he's actually got experience, unlike most of Trump's nominees.

Trump tweeted 18 times in the past 24 hours. Yeah, he's doing great.

From CNN: Escape the corset: How South Koreans are pushing back against beauty standards - Escape the corset: How South Koreans are pushing back against beauty standards

Oh I forgot to add that Deripaska's companies are mainly in construction and metals...

Manafort owed millions to Deripaska, gave polling data, ultimately, to Deripaska, and offered to give him personal briefings. Last month the Trump admin lifted sanctions on three Deripaska companies. Deripaska is intimately connected to Putin and the Russian mob.

I am purposely avoiding all TV and news sites for at least an hour. I don't want to encourage them to give Trump airtime and I don't want to feed his ego. Besides, it will just be all the same lies as always and just piss be off. I'll read some immigration reporter feeds instead.

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