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~universal ballot box~

A convenient portable camera in the shape of a hollow box, designed to contain one household's worth of votes; for the express purpose of safeguarding against vote tampering, it maintains a verifiable video record of the votes it contains.

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Principal Principle: Love embraces all.

2nd: Tech is mental connection.

3rd: Love is physical connection.

Q: Are Tech and Love opposites?

A: No, Love embraces all! (Tech can oppose Love, but Love cannot oppose Tech.)

Q: How can one use Tech to remedy the world of Tech's side effects?

If the earth isn't the center of the universe, there are 31,536,000 – give or take a billionth – seconds per year. However, if the earth is the center of the universe, the number is really 31,415,927 – give or take an infinitesimal amount. Can you explain this?

I'm sorry, Counter Social. I wish I could go on supporting Jester, but I'm poor.

As I sit here dying, I hope to God that I'm wrong, that people aren't going to rush in at the last possible second and tell me I'm not allowed to die, that the show must go on.

The steps of the White House are painted with the blood of her citizens
The lawn is fertilized with their flesh
I can hear the screams of the starving, abused, and forgotten
As we march in every street, and borough
Every suburb, every city
And we scream
We scream for our mothers,
We scream for our babies,
We scream for justice
Or we just scream
Or we just scream
Because that is the only sound left for us to make
Our voices were seized long ago


Donald Trump is a walking, talking moral abortion. It shouldn't exist; yet it does.

I can't process my contempt for this fool.

Well, they're certainly not Smart Fellers...

That makes them Fart Smellers. 🤷‍♂️

I don't make the rules.


Seven O'Clock Commencement

Violence-free transition is an ideal. Best cleavage happens at centres of stability, sloppiness is of the periphery. If you're mobile and free, conduct yourself according to your environment (where you've been) and terrain (where you want to be). Do your best to keep your mind and heart in alignment: it's the spring of peace. There's much to be done.

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice." -MLK, Jr.

Counter social remembers that vast highs almost always inevitably resolve towards deep lows. Think of it as a universal continuous temperament oscillation phenomenon

Let's wield/wage our emotions wisely!

The movement must pivot to this new reality and make it know that the people do not fear govt.

The govt fears its people.

What do you call the state that is non-relatable? Inbetweeness.

Video camera footage is ubiquitous. This is not a disclaimer.

Some of us won't know that, for a day, I gave it all to a cat.

This is how to cauterize a wound, according to MacGuyver on CBS. First you need a gun.

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