@VirginMaryCandle I hate going to the (except for tooth/dental/eye), I hate the waiting, I hate the plethora of tests they write and make us undergo, I go sick waiting for the doc/my turn - that is why I self-medicate 1/3

One of my students began her answer in class today with, "In the late 1900s". I just died y'all.😶😶😶

- 520

I kinda got a job with ICE, but not directly by ICE, but handling their ISAP clients. I'm Latino/Mex-Am and not sure how I feel about this. I accepted the job, that's not the issue, but more about how people might react to. So bam! Making a confession to gauge a response.

@Merlin I'll be curious to hear from someone who tries the Custom 1250 Harley Davidson is fixing to release.
The hashtags are a good idea, riding weather is startin to happen after all 🙃
@VirginMaryCandle @coldclearsea

I broke my toilet seat like at least a year ago. I finally decided to replace today because a guest actually commented on it.

If you can't say something nice...😑

@evistre So people believe recipes are rules?? They have always been suggestions to me. Lol. 🤣

Seriously, two cloves of garlic is doing NOTHInG for the dish. 5 and up minimum around here. 😋

Well, I'm finally getting my Covid shot on Sunday morning.

If I die before I wake....

@VirginMaryCandle 😉

I had a partner who loved run-on sentences but didn't have a very good grasp of punctuation, so I'd have to read what he wrote me several times until it made sense.

(For my own sanity, partners now need to have a functional grasp of written English.)

This just happened to be in my cut and paste but it was much worse...

"as your account is on the autopay so the system took it out of the account but as your charges will be coming up so it refunded back by the team corrected it"

I'm far from the best speller, and I'm horrible with grammar, but god damn people, USE FUCKING PUNCTUATION!!!!

- 517

It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten laid. Want some dick.

- 516

I am surrounded by friends and family who suffer from social anxiety and depression. Seriously guys, do you not realize that you're forcing me to live inside your pain?

- 515

I applied for a customer service position with a legal firm. When they emailed me asking to see if I was interested still and to respond with a salary expectation, I quickly searched them up on Glassdoor. I replied with $40k/yr, which is a little higher than what Glassdoor said was the average of $37.5k/yr but still lower than what I have been looking for. Within 5 minutes I got and email back that simply said, 'Thank you for your application".


If you got redirected to Moussed, you’ll just taste good.

You mean Mossad. 😂😎❤️

I'm a 🕯️ who gave a virgin birth.
No one said I could spell. 😂🤦

Glad to be back. I thought I pissed off :jester: and he had redirected to the Moussed. :trollsplat:

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