Weinstein is one lucky SOB. There is so much other news that there has been little coverage of his trial.

Hunter Biden, the new "but her emails!!"

I know I am late to the party.

Re: the tearing up of the speech

It was disrespectful. She disrespected him. He earned this disrespect. He lied to Congress and the American people. Repeatedly. Again.

And the best part is, she stole his thunder. It's all anyone was talking about after.

I heard it was quite a show last night. Does anyone know who produced it? Were the end credits good?

If we are going to call H Biden on the carpet, shouldn't we call Justice Kennedy's son and his Deustche bank machinations in for a look-see as well?

Saw Hamilton for the 2nd time last night. I found my self getting angrier and angrier. How dare McConnell, Graham, McCarthy et al seek to destroy what these brilliant, but flawed men (and women) built! Yeah, T too but he is really a symptom of what the Rs have been working to accomplish for about 40 years.

Spent the entire day in my studio ignoring the news and senate hearings. I needed a day off. I will catch up later, but for now here's some fiber candy

I am "I haven't seen that bird before. I need to go look that up and see what it is" years old.

Is a man electable?

Are men emotionally suited to lead/be President?

How does a man keep up his skin routine while campaigning?

He should smile more.

What designer is he wearing?

What is it like to be a man on the campaign trail?

But is he likable enough?

EDITED to add - He sounds shrill.

1 - Ask a question on a craft specific forum about buying a piece of equip. relevant to the craft.

2 - Question is about what size and configuration is the most useful to those who use said equip.

3 - Receive 22 answers, 19 of which telling you how to make said item yourself.

Thank you, but no.

One telling you they have three in different sizes.

And two answering your actual question (YAY!) but they both have different answers.

4 - sigh

Watched PBS American Experience on McCarthy last night. You would have to be blind not to see the parallels to today.

It was interesting to note there was about the same percentage of people that continued to support him even after things started to fall apart as there are T supporters now.

I guess they go quiet for short amounts of time and we forget they exist. Until another demagogue appears to stoke their fears and prejudices.

Sec. Pompeo on Meet the Press responding to a question about Iranian retaliation - "There might be a little noise in the interim."

I wonder whose dead loved ones are going to be "a little noise"?

I am sure every gd T supporter is hustling themselves or their kids/grandkids down to the recruitment office. Especially those big tough guys who pose with their weaponry. You really want to "kick some ass"? Well, your time is coming right up.

He also attached his (cycling) cadence counter to the crank of the footmen (spinning jargon alert) on my wheel - such is life with an man with engineering brain.

New Year, new skills! My first spin on the spinning wheel my husband got me for Xmas

It's kind of telling that T supporters are always photoshopping his head on healthier looking bodies.

Happy Impeachment Day!

Now just let me enjoy this for 5 minutes before the media tells us how terrible this will turn out for the Dems.

How many Republican congress persons will violate their oath of office tomorrow?

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