Full disclosure - I have had two haircuts since the lockdown rules in MI have eased. I am about to go in for a 3rd.

I also have 3 cans of soup in the house that I claim to use to make casseroles.

I don't however, have an all black uniform because I am hedging my bets.

T has decided that violence in the streets is good for his re-election campaign.

Kellyanne has said this to the press.

I reiterate - the American President has decided that Americans fighting in the streets is good for him so he will encourage it.

I found this informative - I would love for somethng to work effectively and it would be great if this were it, but I don't think it's ready for prime time. statnews.com/2020/08/23/is-con

@Threadtales I’m amazed he wasn’t arrested for the fashion crime of wearing that awful jacket he wears.


On a boat.

By the USPS.

For stealing $ donated by racists to build a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

My creative writing teacher would sent this back to me with "Try again." scrawled in red ink.

But I have been giggling all afternoon.

Someone I know posted on FB that Biden(meaning the convention last night) was "boring".

I responded "I am exhausted by the kind of excitement that the T admin. brings."

We need to reframe the USPS issue as a business/Christmas issue.

The post office delivers well over a billion Christmas cards each Dec. And thousands of packages that need to arrive on time.

So let's start shouting about T's War On Christmas!!!

And how he is hurting business and the economy. It's already affected my business with delayed shipments of supplies.

Perhaps the Rs in office will pay attention.

New weave with my hand spun yarn. Destined to be a fixed shawl. Also an inkle loom band 2" wide. New to inkle so I need to practice.

What the hell is it with T and his obsession with showers and toilets and dishwashers?

Maybe it's because I live in Michigan that I am blissfully unaware of these problems.

I know California has had drought conditions for years now and I get that, but seriously where is this a pressing issue?

I enjoy the Lincoln Project commercials maybe more than most people, but it is important to remember that these people are not Ds. They are not liberals. And they are not on our side in the long run.

They have not claimed to be.

These are the people along with Fox News, that created the environment which led to the T election.

That said, I appreciate their help in getting rid of the monster.

Woke up with this song in my head. Today is the first time it made me cry.


Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright. Bob Marley and the Wailers

Let me get this straight -

He "didn't hear" the white power shouting in the vid he retweeted.

He didn't know about the bounty Putin placed on our soldiers.

Seems like a lot of unforced errors for one weekend that he primarily spent golfing.

I am vacillating between anger and tears today. Literally shaking. I cannot imagine what POC are feeling.

How can I be an effective ally?

And lastly, do T and his buddies have a big ol' stock pile of said drug to get rid of now that we know it doesn't work for the virus?

Couple of things

What's the under/over on whether he is actually taking the drug?

It's a prescription drug so what Dr is prescribing?

Wasn't #2 son all over the TV saying the virus is a hoax and will magically disappear after the election?

What happens if they "re-open" the economy and the majority of us refuse to participate for safety reasons?

I feel for employees that will be forced to go back to unsafe working conditions.

My husband is "essential" and at work every day for a defense contractor. At least he is not working with the general public.

I have worked from home for 15 years.

We are not planning to participate in most if any re-opening plans.

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