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"I'm addicted to diet coke! Ban the vape!" -- some asshole

I've a feeling that being drafted for XCOM would probably not end well for me (or for XCOM) especially considering my garbage luck.

Talking to one of my friends about warwalking made me think of something but I'm sure it applies to a lot of stuff...

in the context of deauth:
"Once is coincidence, twice is suspicious, thrice is being a dick"

Some other misc. stuff I forgot to mention in my xth "I'm back" post:

- Getting into 10 GHz radio at some point

- Making a modular prosthetic arm that's relatively cheap but reliable and with decent performance

- Making a retro z80 PC for BBS stuff

- So many python dictionaries

- Found some thrown away ipcams and I've been trying to patch the fw so that they don't call home. I'm not very good at it yet. Dumping the bin files has been a massive pain in the arse.

- warwalking

working on some ANSI art and watching some stand alone complex because I'm exhausted.

that the entire script is really REALLY slow. In fact it's so slow that I might be doing a rewrite. So that's how that's going. as for new features, the bot will soon be able to use shodan's IP monitoring as well. This is a feature I've been wanting to add since writing this bot, and I can't wait to see it in action.

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the postspam

a couple of examples.

(also *transmission.... my typing continues to be messed up a bit)

I'm happy to say that this project rewritten in python is a hell of a lot better than the C# version, and is infinitely more stable than anything I possibly could have done in C#.

As for the discord bot... I have identified several bugs and am currently also writing a massive patch for that as well. Those of you who have downloaded it (because there are some) might have noticed 3/?

Hopefully I'm picking up another tranmission + a transfer case here soon in addition to a transmission cooler and some other goodies so that my vehicle is in tip-top shape again.

In terms of projects, I'm rewriting some of my old C# stuff in python because most of what I wanted to write wouldn't make sense in an actual engagement. Yaspy is really helpful in particular, as the primary project was a plugin-based launch platform for scripts like spiders or a shodan parser just to name 2/?

Anyways the last few months have been hectic. My transmission finally died but it was to be expected based on its age. Unfortunately this means that my motivation has totally tanked for pretty much everything, as my mobility is now hindered, but I started riding my bike to work. It's still not fun but it's better than not getting there at all. 1/?

oh man I finally got in again.

I dunno what it is, but for the last month or so CoSo hasn't been letting me in with a constant page refresh which I found really odd.

Sometimes a private window would work but even other browsers and an attempt elsewhere would result in failure.

I even got rate limited by cloudflare at one point so I just kinda gave up for a minute.

I'm back

for those looking for an opinion on Barr's garbage statement on encryption.

I think I've ranted enough, but in my opinion I think it's already gone too far. We had issues like this before, and I suspect that we're in the midst of repeating history once again.

It's bad enough that encryption is a munition. We don't need any more restrictions on it.

Do we need to have a talk with our government entity? I think so. I think the current administration needs to understand the ramifications and the sheer impossibility of putting a backdoor in encryption on that scale before making any decision on it. There cannot be a backdoor. There cannot be any way for anyone to mess with it. It absolutely cannot be touched.

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