My wife's aunt was taken to the hospital 6 hours ago. She's still in the ER because the hospital has no open beds.


Watching Season 5 Lucifer. A few minutes in and I'm already laughing out loud.

Would someone call my wife so she'll get up?

The trade for week 1 of Fremont stay was our son would run Cat6 cable throughout the house. I've had a reel for years and never got to it. Since Fremont's previous human hasn't been here for a month the 5 year old Cat6 project is still in planning stages.

I'm way too neanderthal to cut into walls. Punching holes in them is easy. Precision ... I can barely type.

We got a harness for Fremont so we don't pull on his neck when he runs for rabbits (and such).

I sat on the floor and petted him while my wife adjusted things.

One of our children called and interrupted the procedure.

Do they ever grow up?

Here's my opinion about today's politics.

My focus can wait another day or two. I have a life to live.

I also haz vodka.

Dinner, dog walk, golf cart ride with dog to mailbox

Life is OK.

No, that'd be mean. He just released a huge sigh. He's settling in but he seems to be dealing with past issues in his sleep.

The study someone recently posted that talked of dogs understanding speech the way humans do lends credence to their dreams being similar outlets.

It's not all about rabbits.

I'll be attentive when he wakes .. whenever that'll be.

I've had Netflix for nearly two weeks and haven't watched an entire show.

Hmm ... Fremont is snoring.

I should take him for walk 5 or 6 just to be a dick.

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If I reply to someone, I'd like to see the entire thread; I'm not seeing them.
Also, had to deal with something, while replying to someone: can find my 'reply in progress' but site is warning me that starting a reply will overwrite the previous reply which I can find.

What can somebody teach me, on these?

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My wife is viciously trimming our 15? foot tall Bird of Paradise.

People need to remember their family history in the US. While half of mine is either NA or has been here for 400 years, the other half arrived a bit over 100 years ago and I knew them.

They didn't come to steal jobs. They came to survive. My great grandparents didn't have a telephone in the mid 70's. They lived in a very small home. My grandmother and her siblings slept in the attic. Two generations later (parent-wise), on the next street, my cousins still slept in an attic.

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