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Beware Cranky Beard when he opens the gun ports of the Gentleman's Revenge with a belly full of Grouchy Grog.

that might be my new bio actually.

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Hi Folks, I can't help but notice everyone is very busy with the turnip in your country across the atlantic. Nobody worrying about the covid situation in the states? In the UK massive outbreaks. And in my country, right wing politicians and conspiracy believers twittering their hearts out with propaganda to let this virus roam free. A bit worried people have lost their sanity 😥

this, is, DISGRACEFUL!
Secretary of Defense Miller, when asked about modern Russian warfare tactics...

narrator voice: Cranky has no actual empirical evidence, direct or otherwise to be aha!'ing at this time. just snark and snottiness to all things barr, trumpist, or republican-y

officials are acting ausa for DC Michael Sherwin

"But Michael Sherwin, acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, backed away from those claims later Friday, saying they have “no direct evidence at this point of kill, capture teams.” "

who appointed Michael and what's Michael's endgame?


COSO!!!!! My mom just got her first Covid vaccine. It's a month later than we thought it would happen but she's that much closer to being safe! ❤️

I've seen reports today that 'officials' are saying there was no plan to capture or kill or capture and kill pence or legislators or senators

I haven't yet read these reports but I've read the previous reports speaking exactly to plans to capture, kill, and seen the noose. so...

I guess I'll have to buckle down and read the new reports

mitch rolled the dice. wonder if they've finished rolling yet. who'd he get to blow on them for luck?

Roland Baroni, a lawyer for the town of North Castle, NY confirmed the town received a subpoena “asking for the planning board files, any correspondence, any email” exchanged between the town and the Trump Organization.
He told CNN that the town complied with the request and that prosecutors have not sought to interview any officials.
Trump Organization has also been asked for documents by Manhattan DA prosecutors, according to sources.
- Kara Scannell; CNN

It looks like the NRA bankruptcy might just be a technical maneuver.

"The move comes at a time when the NRA is in its strongest financial condition in years." -- so they say in a press release

They're moving to Texas to "escape the NY political environment" - read: The NY AG breathing down their neck

mea culpas are irritating. I recall two year old children sitting at defense tables all by themselves with no attorney expected to present their own defenses

we're very sorry. we were just caught up in the moment of you know, the whole fear mongering anger stoking disinformation shitshow. please don't hold it against us financially. pretty please?

My mum is getting vaccinated tomorrow morning.

Tension that i didnt even know i had is leaving my body in waves.

wow mother nature. that 10 minute temperature drop was epic.

startling the mouth-breathing Cranky. you're doing it right.

@CorreroM I know. I'm really hoping biden can ramp this up with defense production act @evamarie

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