Had a car surfing on our windshield yesterday when we went out for breakfast. It didn't budge, even at 30 mph. It took off when we got downtown. I guess it just needed a lift LOL!

Scored free bricks of various sizes and shapes for gardening projects around the house.

The watering system for the strawberries, onions, and garlic still needs another noodle. Will pick a few more up at the dollar store later today.

Tweaking to the watering system done. Gorilla tape, screws, and garden wire to the rescue.

Swiped from FB. This reminds me of finding my late kitty Scrapper in the neighbors pot of catnip 😸

Another Roma to fill out my raised bed and the watering system in place. Have to go out in the morning to fine tune the placement and get the noodles secured to each other.

Still need to put in 1 more plant, but I have 6 varieties of tomatoes planted. As soon as I get more soil I will plant the rest in milk crates lined with garden fabric.

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