@PurpleDucky I wish fall would arrive here. It's going to be in the 90s all weekend :( I have about 100 bulbs to plant that may stay in my fridge indefinitely.


@Amesaskew I wouldn't mind 90F for a little while. We've had such a weird summer weatherwise. Never really got hot long enough for my tomatoes to really come on, even with my neglecting them.

@PurpleDucky I didn't plant tomato me this year and still had 3 volunteer plants come up. They love the heat down here! And you only "think" you want 90o days. Believe me when I tell you it's like a humid fucking hellscape

@SimplyZippy @PurpleDucky You never know; we may still get a hurricane or 2 to take the edge off.

@Amesaskew Hot temps aren't bad here. I live in North Idaho, so it is much drier. I have been in places where hot temps were not pleasant. I usually com back home feeling like my lungs are filled with water from the humidity 😜

@PurpleDucky I get that. I'm in NC. It's all humidity all the time down here.

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