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I posted this on twitter and I'll repeat it here.

Look at the fine print on the Krebs firing. A while back he shifted personnel around to put a career guy third in line. What that means is if Krebs's deputy isn't a bootlicker then there isn't shit Trump can do to change the narrative from the CIA on election security and fraud.

Krebs effectively Parting Gifted Trump.

Here asshole have these grenades.

Autoflash washed these out a bit too much but this is what the Space X launch looked like in person.

Good Morning CoSo.

Don't let the headlines get to you.

Biden will be sworn in as President at noon on January 21st.

Take a deep breath and continue on your way, smile indulgently at the toddler throwing the temper tantrum, and his stupid parents who are clueless.

You know what. Im out for the night.

Some of you can't work out that the Georgia governor can't override vote counts, nor decide what votes aren't counted.

And some of you cant work out that RCP is a bunch of weak willed fence sitters who never actually made state calls and a bunch of Trump grifters are trying to lie about it.

Its old and exhausting. This is why their shit heel efforts to undermine integrity work. Because you pearl clutch over their asinine bullshit.

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

I will not doom scroll on SM today...

MSNBC is calling PA for Biden right now, 273, its over

I think what is really lost in the epic shit show of the last few days is "What happens to Pence?".

Because that evil ratfuck is still alive and slithering around. But no one remembered to check in and make sure he hasn't slipped out of the terrarium. He needs tu burn with the rest of the Trump team.

People really need to either A - watch Steve Kornacki explain why major outlets haven't called the election just yet, or B- just stop whining and wait knowing that its over and the delay in saying so is to ensure that Trump can't have a legal claim of interference.

Hey.. Was there some sort of election or something this week?

Ah.. Yes.

This certainly has no potential to have horrifying consequences.

Got to be honest. Moon Tardigrade invasion was't on my list of possible human extinction events. Yet here we are.

And totally forgot to thread this together.

But fuck it.

You get the point.

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