Hopefully, this group of hummers will see you through the winter.

Got to go see about my hard-working better half. Later, good people.

Last one...maybe. I'm sorry if they all look alike. Be assured, there are subtle differences.

I was out stalking the wild and flighty hummer...and I was doing ok, but then Zap kitty decided I needed her help. I finally gave up and came back inside.

This was in Mecklenberg County, which includes Charlotte. It was supposedly a "software glitch" which has been addressed by the software provider. :/

Nearly 7,000 people told they tested positive for Covid...erroneously. Blamed on a technical glitch.

I can't keep up. Will a blanket, "Good morning, everyone!" do?

Pearl Crescent butterfly next to a pallet nail (for scale).

Today, there were two hummers vying for my two feeders. I couldn't get very close, but here's one.

Trichostema dichotomum (blue curls, common blue curls, forked blue curls)

I'm not sure what this is, though I intend to find out. It's lovely, though

@Beanc What did you do with the bowl cut? I was watching that!😂

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