Maya Lin's Civil Rights monument and timeline in Montgomery Alabama.

I call these "touch-me-nots". I'm not sure what their actual name is, but when they're ready to dump their seeds, it only takes the lightest touch to make them explode outward. They can be very invasive.

Hi, everyone. I'm kinda sorta back. Too tired to chat but scrolling to see what's up.❤️ 💓 :elbowbumper:

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I'm going home today. I need to get settled in restart rehab. I'll be seeing you once I get everything sorted out at home. I've missed all of you.❤❤❤

@Beanc in a lot of pain.this was a quadruple b y

Transport will be here soon. Be good to each other. I hope to see you on the flip side.❤️ 👋😎

It seems th.e lab never received my covid test so I had to do it again yesterday. Ouch. Right now I am not sure I will be having surgery today. I don't know what to tell my husband.

@ceb what beautiful roses! Thank you for those. I'm working very hard not to worry about all this. I have good doctors and what happens will happen.

I'm doing General replies because I still haven't figured out this browser.

It's 4:30 am. I'm not sure how I'm feeling yet. I guess I'm okay. Trying not to anticipate too much. How's everybody?

I can't seem to reply to private messages in this silk browser. I appreciate the queries. I'm tired but I'm doing okay. I'm going to try to sleep now before they come in and stick more needles in me. @cornered

I remember hearing some discussion or reading some discussion about the silk browser and counter social. Is there any reason I can't use silk?

got to have bypass surgery oh, and it looks like it's going to be tomorrow

I just saw the cardiologists. He says that he thinks I had a heart attack and that they want to send me by ambulance to Charlotte for further evaluation.

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