Why do people need a messiah that they don't follow in order to have moral guidance that they rarely partake in?

I think this is a very valid question.

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Like, I don't see a person suffering and say, gee, my religion states that I should probably help them because it's good.

Couldn't figure that out without Jesus?

Didn't Jesus tell stories about helping those who suffer? Even those who believe differently? And by helping, truly helping and expecting nothing in return?
Why do so many of Jesus' followers blatantly ignore his teachings?

@WhoopassGirl @Killthorne Because it is hard and most folks want easy. It is hard to face that it could be you who is suffering next time and easy to build walls/rules/lines around your world to insulate you against the cold reality that for so many is barely livable.

@ACG2 @Killthorne
I just don't understand how people like that expected to be saved, forgiven for everything they do...and feel so damn entitled to an eternal reward they have done absolutely nothing to earn.

Why do they feel entitled to an eternity of riches, happiness, and otherwise good stuff if they can't even meet the bare minimum standard for being a good person?

(These are the questions that I never got satisfactory answers to, and why I stopped going to church- I'm so much happier not wasting my time hanging out with so many blatant hypocrites)

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