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People I would vote for on the Democratic ticket over Trump:

Bernie Sanders
Mike Bloomberg
Pete Buttigieg
Elizabeth Warren
Amy Klobuchar
Joe Biden
Tom Steyer
Andrew Yang
Kamala Harris
Corey Booker
Michael Bennett
Tulsi Gabbard (barf)
LeBron James (he’s 35 now)
Stacey Abrams
James Comey (ugh)
Al Gore
Oprah Winfrey
Adam Schiff
Hilary Clinton (did that once)
Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Do the Clintons have a dog?
Bill de Blasio
Mickey fucking mouse

"I have one consistency, which is being against the totalitarian - on the left and on the right. The totalitarian, to me, is the enemy; the one that's absolute, the one that wants control over the inside of your head, not just your actions and your taxes."
-Christopher Hitchens

Someone added the Blade Runner soundtrack to a fly over of San Fran and its bleak

A new program in Denver that sends a paramedic+a mental health expert to 911 calls instead of police launched amid calls for alternatives to policing. So far, the van has taken more than 350 calls without once having to call in police backup

This is what it means to defund the Police

For white evangelicals, β€œdoctrine” is disposable. As they shed theological jargon and identify more directly with white nationalism, the true doctrinal core β€” chosenness β€” remains. Chosenness means never second-guessing your narcissism or cruelty.

What Does the White Evangelical Want?

Kummakivi is a large balancing rock in Ruokolahti, Finland. The 7-meter long boulder lies o.n a convex bedrock surface with a very small footprint but so firmly that it cannot be rocked with human force.

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