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I will retract that part. It has now decided to stay no matter what zoom your page is set to

on playing with the zoom on browser i noticed an item that shows at 75% zoom but vanishes if you put it up any.......

@ecksmc mate how do i add columns to the coso homepage?

Ah that's what that button does....

yea just deleted all notifications, would be handy if it's what i wanted but hey-ho

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@ecksmc do you see that @ZedEss94 is calling Boo fat mate, not having that she's pure upset now......😋

What's all this about the ? Reports have been getting edited by the oh what's wrong, is Dear Leader worried about the truth yet again??
@ZedEss94 you reading anything about it? or heard?

Absolute reprobate who's setting off rockets. Bonfire night isn't for ages yet. Where the f*ck are the shops that sell them this early??? Well that's the moan out the way but if the rockets frighten my Boo (my cat) I will voice my opinion from the window.

watching "The Social Dilemma" on
oh wait i won't plug a site that copies coso (that nexflix or whatever it's called)
gets the old brain ticking......

@CoSoGuard i seem to be getting the same alert for a data breach? is there any way to stop the notifications repeating?

@ecksmc see sending reports for films that aren't working what you think? not want to bombard with stupid not working reports myself??

Well done on the on demand layout loos very similar to other site not that i condone watching from the "other side"
@ecksmc gonna watch a movie me think

wow so different from the last time i sat in front of a pc to pop on this. What changes, films too i mean come on....... ha

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