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Afternoon folks

See there is a “reported” drop in virus cases says 🤏

It’s been one long bloody morning. Been out from 07:30 at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Not for me right enough.

for most of the UK. I mean it’s just a normal day in Glasgow but everywhere else they are up in arms due to a little wind and rain!

The needs a sleep. It’s a hard life being a cat!

Aye right then- gets fed better than I feed myself. Also why is it you treat them like babies......?

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Major Bill White, a 104-year-old Marine veteran who fought and was injured in the World War Two battle for Iwo Jima, sits among thousands of Valentine's Day cards with his great granddaughters at his home at an assisted living facility in Stockton, California. REUTERS/Kate Munsch

Oh I’ve missed this

Really let things slip, never see decent conversations/points anywhere else

Just watching the series “Time” on

The poor guy done over 1000 days in New York jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

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@Jamesdoc I don't have an eeffoc to give until I've had my ☕

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Pilot's photo of Philippines volcano eruption two days ago

Coffee spelled backward is eeffoc

Just know that I don’t give eeffoc

Until I’ve had my coffee

@ecksmc meant to say did you leave the kitchen light on when you were at mine??

Hi people. I’ve not been on for a bit. I’m back. @ecksmc has a coffee dry up? That’s a hint for a coffee

well it's that time of day/night again. BedTime for me. GoodNight pleasant dreams

ah just noticed your alive @ecksmc

@ecksmc anyway in case your asleep, that time of night and you've just eaten dinner a couple of hours ago too.
well long and short of it mate- i will pop in for a coffee in the morning. (back to old skool) text me in the morning to let me know your up and about cos if if i haven't heard from you by the time i am done i will probably not stop. you text me i will stop...... complicating things, it's due to the size of the keyboard i would say.....

@ecksmc are you alive ?

not heard from you from earlier, i sent you an sms- went old skool for a change. Us oldies having to revert to tried and tested ways to communicate lol

well it's cup of time.

It really makes a difference using on pc/laptop. Don't think i will be giving this back to aaron, unless he only wants a shot- aye in here and it does not leave the flat at any point with laptop and when i say "right shot done" that's what happens? do we think he will go for that, cos i don't lol
@ecksmc i could get you to tell him no? he scares me now, hes taller than me too bloody Hell

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