Apologies in advance. Iโ€™ll be posting this a few times. It is worth watching.

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@JGNWYRK saw the whole episode last night. Powerful.

@JGNWYRK THAT LAST CLIP That Last Clip that last clip
was some of the most powerful video I have ever seen, especially the parting shot

@Xponent @JGNWYRK I'm glad they put that clip of Dave Grossman in there. He's right up there with that school shooting dude from Colorado. Ugh.

@Xponent yes, but I would argue that it was his set up that made the dunk so effective.


"If you're wondering why an enormous spontaneous protest can't control every one of its participants more than you are asking the same about a taxpayer-funded, heavily-regimented work force, then YOU can suck my dick and choke on it."

Post as often as you like, it needs to be seen. Also, check my timeline for some powerful :blm: poetry.


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