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My 11 y/o daughter was watching Star Trek Next Generation for the first time and just called the Ferengi “Space Trumps.” I think she wins the game of analogy for the year 2020.

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2020 is an elaborate plot by Sartre’s ghost to put an exclamation point on his famous quote.

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Periodically reminding ya throughout July 1st that today is the day Canada turns 153 years old (doesn’t look a day over 140!) and my Canadian Content playlist is up at YouTube. Jogged my retro memory and the CPR train-of-thought came up with what I remembered hearing growing up on Canadian radio from Canadian artists. Check it out while enjoying your back bacon and Timbits!

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The New York Times

For the fifth time in nine days, the U.S. set a daily record for new coronavirus cases. At least five states set records, as well. Here’s the latest.

As President Trump continued pressing for a broader reopening of the USA, another record for new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, with more than 59,000 infections announced and some states’ final numbers still unreported, according to a New York Times database. The previous record, 56,567, was reported on Friday.

The official number of advertisers boycotting Facebook over its civil-rights policy is now at nearly 1,000.

Facebook's "vexing and heartbreaking" decisions are causing significant setbacks for civil rights, an audit commissioned by the company says.

The two-year-long review says its actions have left many activists "disheartened, frustrated and angry".

Facebook has already said it will make some - but not all - of the changes called for in the 100-page report.

Because I can’t get enough of Baby Yoda memes and this is important:

As cases surge in the Tulsa area, the top health official says the spike may be linked to Trump rally.

We can’t address reopening schools until these adult children learn to follow simple rules!!

`A hot mess': Americans face testing delays as virus surges

A hot mess is what you are when you oversleep, this is a slow moving disaster.

@scottsted Forensic News
This would be an interesting person for you to talk to. For real.

Excellent read.

The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay

Many American public-health specialists are at risk of burning out as the coronavirus surges back.

JULY 7, 2020

"To explain the scale of North Korea’s nuclear program to Trump, the CIA built a model of the Hermit Kingdom’s underground weapons facility and put a miniature Statue of Liberty inside."

“His oral briefings, given daily to most presidents, now take place as rarely as once or twice a week. These sessions often turn into monologues in which the president spitballs woolly conspiracy theories from Breitbart, Fox News and hangers-on at Mar-a-Lago.”

"The draconian security law that Beijing forced upon Hong Kong last week contains an article making it illegal for anyone in the world to promote democratic reform for Hong Kong.

AXIOS: With new security law, China outlaws global activism

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