And now I'm reading there was no gun at all. It was a mistake.

Apparently some worker brought a handgun to shots fired and the FBI is on scene. Supposedly everything is under control at this time.

And our building is on lock down due to reports of a man with a gun at the Gannett Building (USA Today) in McLean VA.
This is the world we live in now.

Oh, now this is guitar playing and story telling at its best. Love this song. A ghost story wrapped in a melody that adds to the mood.
Guy Clark - The Guitar

He said, "You tell me what it's worth, you're the one who wants it.
Turn it up, play a song,
And let's just see what haunts it."

Counties in swing states don't care that Trump is a racist so long as they are doing well. Unfortunately its people like this who might decide the election in 2020.

Morning all.
I'm in the office a bit early and checking out CNN and I see this line in an article
"As the President took the stage Tuesday morning before a sea of 1,500 teenage cell phones..."
The English Major in me winced. I know they meant that teenagers using cell phones and I'm usually pretty liberal with the "so long as your message is understood" philosophy, but come on. "Teenage cell phones," really? You are a professional writer and that's the best you can come up with?!

Question for all the security folks out there -
Okay so its probably WAY past time but I need to get some other Security software/virus protection than Kaspersky on my PC.
Now remember I'm a tech writer NOT a developer or a network guy. I want something fairly easy to use but not super intrusive/heavy on the computing cycles.
Keeping that in mind what do you folks recommend?

The Mueller hearing was exactly as I suspected. No real new info came out of it and both sides are claiming wins.
Mueller was not going to save us from the big bad orange.
I'm actually getting really ticked off at the abdication of our own power. Mueller is not going to save us, Pelosi isn't going to save us. We have to do this ourselves.
No, we can't just march in and use "citizens arrest" but we can vote out those who don't act on our behalf and work for those that will.

In a little over 24 hours Mueller will be testifying.

I get the feeling alot of people will be disappointed that this somehow doesn't end with Trump storming into the room, shouting "You're Goddamn right I did!" like Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men.

Male superheroes often times turn into a female version of themselves (or in many cases a female version of the male hero appears along side them) -examples Superman & Supergirl, Wolverine & X23, Venom & She-Venom, Thor and Jane Foster. This doesn't raise too many eyebrows in the comic community.
But the second that same story line hits a bigger audience (movies for example) People lose their minds and assume its all SJW influence.

At what point will the the far left democrats and the moderate democrats realize its time to stop pissing all over one another, come together and present a united front against the common enemy that is the Orange Rage Cheeto?
Why do I get the sinking feeling it will be sometime after the 2020 election when we are all sitting around wondering how Trump won again?

So MAGAts are now chanting "Send her home," and this shows how deplorable they actually are. But we need to turn that around ("Lock Him Up!" Anyone?)
Change it to "Send Him Home" in reference to getting him out of the White House and DC. Shove it right back up their collective asses!

Trump states "If somebody has a problem with our country...they should leave."
Sooooo anyone wearing a MAGA hat should leave. Really, you have an problem with the U.S. not being "great"

the president is no longer a "hidden" racist with the full support of the Republican party, we have concentration camps, we have a full attack on the rule of law and the press, a full attack on women and women's rights and an attack on anyone who is different - with the exception of other Dictators ... feeling a bit like :USDistress: today 🤔

After this weekend's horribly racist tweet I really think the adults need to step into the room and hold our entire government accountable.
Nancy - if you don't get off your ass and do something right quick you are JUST AS CULPABLE as every Republican who backed this orange shit monster.

Just heard one of the owners of the company refer to two adult women (One of whom I know is in her 50's) as "girls."
It got me thinking - seems like he might be the same kinda person who refers to Jeff Epstein's victims as "young women"

While this is what my wife does, she is not this bad ass. She is bad ass & has done boardings in the past, but NOT like this.
US Coast Guard Boards a Semi-Submersible

In my earlier posts I mentioned the guilt over feeling stressed and afraid about my recent life issues because there are other people who have it worse.
I specifically brought it up because I know its one of those little goblins that grown and thrive in the darkness of people's insecurities.
If you speak about it, you drag it into the light where it dies, smoldering because its been exposed as the phantasm it is.

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