Okay, so I'm still using Twitter a lot (old habits), but let's try making friends here. Who's into star trek and rpg?

Yay, technology is so grand. Both of my color printers are down and waiting for service this morning. πŸ˜’

Thank you to all the fuck heads who don't watch for pedestrians while they're driving. πŸ–•

Because everyone loves cats, here's a picture of my feline overlord, Carmen, doing battle with a swine flu giant microbe. 😁

Just binged Duolingo for the first time in a while. We'll see how long until I fall off the horse again, but for now... Gute Nacht!

Wee, technology is my friend. Waiting on my old phone to let my laptop talk to it (again) so I can get the last of my files off. This is what I get for not wanting to use cloud storage for my shit.

So, I don't use my blog much, but I've got it set up to automagically post to Twitter, tumblr, and g+ when I post a new entry. 1. Would people here want to see that stuff? 2. Is there something to connect wp to here and auto post for me when entries post?

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! πŸ’• I can hardly keep up with the notifications. 😡

So, uh, hi? I'm new around here. πŸ‘‹

Amy ☣

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