@Seamuskitty Hi!
Great to see you here. Welcome.
Best wishes to you from a reSister in NC. PS: hoping to hit the march on Sat.in Asheville. Do you have any plans for that march? (I hope it stays cool for the sake of the dogs. They always come too.)
Wow, look at all these characters! LOL.

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Lewandowski: "The Obama / Biden admin had the authority and responsibility to secure the 2016 election against Russian interference and they clearly failed."

So backup... he's literally saying Trump was assisted to the presidency by the Russians.

I think I'll turn in soon. Many thanks for your patience and generosity. Back tomorrow to learn more about CoSo; peace.

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@CanidQueen Cant wait to use the conflict resolution center. hehe

I really must get this on my laptop. It is microscopic on an iPad mini.

I'm brand new here and hoping to find my buds from NC somehow! @Douginnc


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