Good morning, CoSo. ☕

Gentle Reminder. In the past we temporarily changed our avatars to reflect the holiday. Play along or not.

I need to find me a pirate.. 😊

Bess does not like thunder.

She came to me for comfort - something she rarely does, as she's a brave doggy.

I moved her bed to be at my feet as I work on my laptop. She seems comforted now.

The precipitation in this storm is erratic. Nothing for long periods of time, then sudden downpours (maybe even hail - too dark to see).

This is what makes it dangerous. The thunder continues, but not in the presence of rain. And then deluges.

Fingers crossed that landslides/erosion/more fires are not an outcome.

After 10 days of fire and smoke, we are having rain. Sadly, it is accompanied by lightning. Thunderstorms are fairly infrequent, if not rare, in Oregon. Why, oh why, does Mother Nature need to send more fire starting weather into the Pacific Northwest?

So HHS communications guy is now on leave of absence for telling Trump's base to grab their guns and load up on ammo for the election.

My take? He did what the administration wanted. Now they save face with the "leave."

Goal accomplished.

AQI into the 300s, so Bess got two dog walks today.

My half face gas mask arrived - it is now quarantining for 24 hours.

I figure now that I have one, the sky should be blue in the morning, amirite?

From CNN: Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds have been found dead in New Mexico
The deaths may be in the millions

Watching WOKE on Hulu.

The jury is out, but I haven't abandoned it yet, so there's that.

It's a comedy, which we need in these dark times, but it is also about racial inequality, which is a pervasive and sad issue in these dark times.

I like the protagonist, but I'm not a person of color, and wonder how he would be seen by somebody not living with white privilege, if that makes sense.

Anybody else watching?

So...I have a book of drawing paper, but don't really draw. I found a few Bob Ross tutorials on YouTube, but sharpies don't translate well to oil painting techniques - haha.

Are there any good, Bob Ross style drawing/sketching tutorials on YouTube that you'd recommend? I'm open to suggestions.

Doggy Success!

Bess was sniffing around, so I sent her to the porch, where she has infamously been refusing to do her business.

BUT...she discovered a small patch of dirt to the side of the porch, left from the installation of my heat pump.

Woohoo! Hoping she continues to be amenable to five second porch potty breaks instead of walking in this smoke.

Turning off the outside lights for all the birds flying through on their way South for Winter. They're passing through the Central East Coast tonight. If you're in the area... lights out.

Why is the spokesperson for HHS (who formerly worked for Russia, I might add) calling for Trump supporters to stock up on ammunition in preparation for an inauguration day in which Trump won't step down?

This is first rate lunacy!

The other tweet, in which Trump retweets an organization whose purpose is to show Trump's unfitness, and who called Trump judicial appointees "gangsters in black robes."

Trump retweeted this.

Is somebody punking Trump while operating his account?

Or is Trump clueless?

This is the second time today Trump retweeted Tweets unfavorable to himself - as if he did not comprehend the actual message.

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