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Here is the User Guide:

Some suggestions:. Check out the profile of @realDDGlover for lists of Hashtags for interests. Just click ID and it will open on right-hand column. Scroll down through lists. Hashtags are explained on page 7 of the Guide above. Page 5 of the Guide tells how to change your AVI from an egg to an image of your choice. Enjoy the site!

Seen on the bird site - who knew Joe Biden is being played by Jim Carrey!

It froze overnight last week and killed my tomato and squash starts.

Tomorrow, there is a burn ban and weather warning due to high temps and winds.

Climate change is real.

Okay - a WALL OF ENTROPY visual for my composition recital submission has been recorded.

Getting closer to what I'm aiming for. 🙂

Moonrise/Wall of Entropy:

Seriously...this would be the perfect visual for my composition recital video submission...but I have no idea how one might record it ...especially since I'll be poking and swiping my screen to create synced effects, which eliminates pointing a video camera at the screen.


Is there a way I could record a few video minutes of my WALL OF ENTROPY?

Sort of like a screen shot, but MP4.

Does such an app or ability exist?

Imbalance of bad mouth bacteria to good bacteria is linked to amyloid deposits which cause Alzheimer’s.

Rosace ceramic tile work decorating the ceiling of the praying room of the Nasr Ol Molk Mosque, 1888.

Qajar dynasty architecture, Shiraz, Fars province, Iran

Watching live protests on MSNBC right now.

So much pain.

Such a powder keg.

Why must this be the only way that politicians and LEOs sit up and pay attention?

So sad to hear of the J&J vaccine blood clotting problem. It was a great hope for isolated regions and communities with insufficient medical infrastructure.

Funny how I don't hear Trump taking responsibility for this vaccine anymore.

Unlike Pfizer, this WAS one he financed.

I haven't done one of these in a while and it seems like a good time.

We're nearly 30% funded for the month. How about you help us get to 60 or 70% funded?

If you've been here a while, you can see that this is a much nicer place to hang out than other SM options.

Frankly, we're lovely.

But peace, love and harmony (mostly) comes at a cost.

If you have a few dollars that you can spare each month why not contribute to keeping the good atmosphere going?

Go Pro now! You know you want to. 😉

We’re only a year into this pandemic and already were seeing reports that 1/3 of covid survivors are experiencing neurological and psychological side effects from the virus.

Still, we’re discussing potential side effects (POTENTIAL) from the vaccine that shelters you from the known side effects (KNOWN) of suffering the virus that’s already killed over half a billion people.

Arlo Guthrie announced he's retiring. Or as he put it "gone fishing."

Between numerous strokes and COVID, he felt it was time.

The folk community will surely miss him.

The university has ordered new laptops for next year, and this sale is contingent upon their receiving the others. With the pandemic, everything seems to be backordered, but even if not shipped until this fall, I'm thinking it's a good deal.

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