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There's always a light behind the clouds - it is always there, even if you can't see it right now


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You need to do more than just turn up and vote

Get involved in a campaign

You want a democarcy or not?

Your choice

I coped heaps of shit over this and prolly still will - all I wanted was for people not to get sick and die

Don't shoot the messanger

Get rid of of Trump it's nothing but negligence and people are dead becasue of it - if you don't get that then you either don't care or are ignorant.

Just the way it is - if you are offended then maybe you need to work out why you are, because those are the facts.

It isn't fake news. I warned people 6 months ago this would happen and it did.

Lets do something about climate change - do it for your children

Evidently faacebook have 70 fact checkers with regard to climate change - fk me πŸ˜‚ clown school

Maybe I am a bit of a dumb one but I never knew this - I never learned any Latin in school

Im still learning and still trying - I fail a lot but it doesnt stop me from trying

Small acts of kindness - doesn't ❀️ have to be big just make someone else feel better - that isn't that hard

If you aren't trying to make the world a better place - then why not?

lots of people helped Aus out when we had fires here earlier this year when I asked, so what comes around goes around

My turn now

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