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Hello all you beautiful people!

Every day, I see so many who are in pain and fear because of everything that is happening. To help with that, I have decided to give away my Conscious Energy Meditation book.


Please share this post with everyone you know. Deep Peace & Bright Blessings to all! ❤️

If you would like to donate, please use these links: venmo.com/tolemac paypal.me/tolemac7 Thank you. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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I was was listening to

"Ami I Evil?"

When I posted this 😄

I just love contrasts like that


The Road Warrior -

"Won't somebody tell me, answer if you can
I want someone to tell me, what is the soul of a man

I'm going to ask a question, answer if you can
Will anyone here tell me, what is the soul of a man


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Capitalist nations with poorly or unregulated free markets are populated by suckers. Corporations prey upon us so much because we are easy prey.

Don’t take their bullshit. They do just fine when they are forced to treat human beings as human beings.

They’re just spoiled brats, here.

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Next time you see someone post but only 1% is very small number we can’t close down business and schools !

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Rabbi Dan Lieberman
is having your car firebombed on your driveway because you are a Rabbi

MB Metis Federation

The MMF invites all Manitobans to take a brief moment to forget about COVID & enjoy a province-wide fireworks display on July 15, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Manitoba OFFICIALLY becoming Canada's 5th province, the only province brought in by an Indigenous Nation.

Hak note- A few of their links are not secured due to the fact some areas have very poor internet.




I give you the Trump sandwich !


Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Little Man was bullied for wearing Filas.

This kid is wise beyond his years...

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What a pleasure to jump on here and read much about what is good with some of you. It’s very refreshing and reminiscent of days we’ve all enjoyed when we first joined COSO almost three years ago.

I know these times are rough and we need this safe place to express how we feel. I’m perfectly fine with that and most of us are I believe. But, it’s also nice to have the warm fuzzies to temper all of the other. Thank you 💜

Love Yo Self Sparkles
Jul 11
not all heroes wear capes.

Hak Note- Jimi Hendrix is smiling right now , ill guarantee it!

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My assumption at the moment is that there is no ammunition* or AV fuel on board.

*The six SAM systems are almost certainly loaded.

Two 8-cell RIM-7 Sea Sparrow launchers.
Two 21-cell RIM-116 RAM launchers
Two 20mm Phalanx systems.

The missile launch containers can withstand a tremendous amount of heat. The Phalanx not so much.


Fuel burns are coming from the ships own engine tanks and other sources.

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Happy Sunday CoSo.

So.. This is one side of the beer I'm drinking. 😳

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
· 1h
This is my America.


Hak Note- America ,on the correct path.

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